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CloneDVD 2 copies movies to create unparalleled picture quality DVD backups.
Publisher's Description:
As video goes the way of the good old cassette tape, DVD format has become one of the best choice for watching movies. Of course, the medium is not infallible, and DVDs are as prone to scratching or damage as VHS tapes were to getting chewed by the machine. CloneDVD represents one of the easiEST ways to back up your movies to disk, ensuring that even novice users don't have to worry about loss or damage of their favorite films.

The interface is wonderfully simple to use, allowing you to select your source location and destination through an obvious Wizard-style menu system. The beauty of the program is that it gives you a number of options for cloning to help you compress the file size without compromising Movie quality. For instance, you can choose to omit certain extras from your DVD such as foreign language Subtitles or theatrical trailers. Copying speed is among the fastest around, allowing you to copy to an ISO file on your hard drive or directly to recordable DVD in a flash.

Although the application doesn't allow you to clone copy-protected media, this is of course, illegal anyway, and if you want to perform such operations then there are alternative applications available that can be used alongside CloneDVD. If it's Simplicity of use and speed that you require then CloneDVD is more than capable.

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